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Visit Thacker Berry Farms -We now have the Sweetest Strawberries of the Season!

Hey Strawberry Club members! Right now we have the Sweetest Strawberries of the Season! How do we know? We test our Sweetness level daily with a Brix Meter and we are getting a reading of 11 to 12 Brix!! A Brix Meter is a tool that measures the amount of light refracted in a liquid.  Refractometers measure on a “Brix” scale and measuring the Brix level of fruits and vegetables is very important because it is a great indicator of flavor and quality.

The higher the brix level of your fruits juices are, the higher the dissolved solids in the foods juices such as sucrose, fructose, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, hormones and all the other goodness that the plant puts into the food.

We also have super sweet BlueBerries available, so stop by one of our locations today and taste the difference 9am to 6pm daily.

L.A. County:

Long Beach: 3707 Atlantic Ave.- Opens at 12:30 on Sunday Map

Long Beach: 6701 E. PCH – Corner of Pacific Coast Hwy and Studebaker Rd.

Long Beach: Corner of Los Coyotes and Spring

Palos Verdes: Corner of 9th and Western

Los Angeles: 3331 Barham Blvd – Corner of Barham Blvd and DeWitt Dr

•North Orange County:

Huntington Beach: Corner of Gothard and Garfield

Huntington Beach: 16502 Bolsa Chica St – Corner of Bolsa Chica ST and Heil Ave

Fountain Valley: 9475 Heil Ave – Corner of Heil Ave and Bushard

La Palma: 5022 Crecent Ave – Corner of Moody St. and Crescent Ave

La Habra: 115 North Harbor – North Harbor and La Habra Boulevard

Los Alamitos: 5039 Katella – Corner of Katella and Siboney

Santa Ana: 1829 North Tustin

Tustin: Corner of Tustin and 17th

Orange: Corner of S Main St and W Palmyra Ave

•Riverside County:

Hemet: Corner of Stetson and Lyon

Murrieta: 24020 Washington Blvd. – Corner of Washington Blvd. and Magnolia

Murrieta: Corner of Murrieta Hot Springs and Winchester Blvd.

Thacker Berry Farms – • 25+ Years Premium #1 Strawberries • Picked daily • Locally grown • Product of USA • Sweet and Juicy • Non-GMO • Vine-ripened • USDA Organic available • Samples Available • Daily Brick Reading • Extra Strawberries given when available • 9am – 6pm / 7 Days a week • 18 Locations in So-Cal • Day old Strawberries donated to local homeless shelter. And that’s just the beginning…. We also provide the highest quality of service!! So check us out on Yelp / Instagram / Facebook / Twitter / Flicker. To find a location near you visit